In this personal data protection policy we describe the used methods to collect, manage and use your personal data.The protection of your personal data is a very serious matter to Genyz. It is possible that you share personal data with Genyz during your exchanges with us, which allows us to directly or indirectly identify natural persons according to the GDPR article 4.1. The personal data as mentioned in this policy refers to information such as your name, date of birth, address and phone number etc.If you share your personal data with us during our exchange or when using this site, you accept the following practices outlined in this personal data protection policy.

The use and process of personal data

We process your personal data in accordance with the regulations for their category, and for their specific and explicit purpose. The personal data is processed in a lawful, transparent and fair manner in compliance with the principles of privacy legislation and the General Data Protection Regulation.

The personal data is stored for a period that is restricted to the time needed to fulfill the purposes of

For which purpose is your personal data used?

Generally speaking, the personal data is being processed for the following purposes:

  • To provide you information about our professional activities or another subject that concerns you
  • To recruit new employees
  • If necessary to contact you to carry out our services
  • To have the possibility to offer you our services
  • To meet legal obligations
  • To process your payment
  • Assessment of the usefulness of this site with statistical processing
  • If required as a part of a law or a current regulatory provision, court order or government regulation
  • If needed as a part of an investigation, or criminal proceeding

For an optimization of our services it can occur that we transfer personal data to designated subcontractors working with Genyz. By subcontractors we mean accountants, insurance, administration, suppliers etc. The personal data used by these parties is processed in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation.

Right of the data subject

You have a right to consult, modify, correct or delete your personal data. For any objection you can send an e-mail to the following It is in your right to object to the processing of your personal data or to end all communication with us. We will remove or adapt your personal data as requested to what is technically possible.

Security and confidentiality

Genyz ensures the security and confidentiality of your personal data by taking all the appropriate security measures in order to avoid accidental disclosure, the destruction, the unauthorized access, the unauthorized processing and the loss of personal data. Personal data is always treated confidentially.

Accuracy of your data

If as a user you submit incorrect data or data belonging to third parties, we can refuse your access, in whole or in part, temporarily or definitively, to our products and services.

Intellectual property rights

Every content belonging to this website such as images, logos, data, texts, etc are protected by intellectual rights that belongs to Genyz or entitled parties.


Services on our website are intended for adults. Nonetheless we cannot verify if a website visitor is a minor (less than 16 years old) or not. We do not intend to collect or disclose personal data of a minor unless there is consent of their parent or legal guardian. We veraciously respect laws regarding the protection of children.


Cookies are small information files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when visiting a website. Those cookies contain information such as your operating system, user’s domain name, your internet service provider and the date and time of access. We are using different types of cookies on this website

What are the different cookie types used in this website?

First, we have the essential cookies who are strictly necessary for an improved functionality of the website and an easy navigation on it.

Secondly, the functional cookies that allows to memorize and personalize the preferences of the user such as the language and other local settings. Then the analytical or performance cookies that optimize the user experience and measure the performance of a website.

Finally, the targeting cookies or advertising cookies who serve to study the behavior of the website’s visitor to display relevant advertisements and they are also used to measure the impact of ad campaigns. These cookies can be linked to other websites such as Facebook or Google Analytics

Delete cookies

You can easily delete the use of cookies in the menu of your web browser. It is complicated to enumerate all the methods to delete or manage your cookies from your web browser in this cookie policy. That’s why we invite you to check the information regarding cookies on the “all about cookies” website for more detailed information for each web browser

How to contact us ?

If you have any questions or remarks concerning this data protection policy and cookies policy do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: or by postal address:

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